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What are the Winter Jackets doing this year? - Trends & Tips

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Posted: 22-07-2017 at 17: 49

What are the Winter Jackets doing this year - trends & tips
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Why this article about trends and tips for winter coats this year?

If you have recently tried to track the fashion, you probably have noticed the following.
The overall fashion trends, and trends for winter coats, vary greatly throughout the year!

Therefore, it may often be nice to do it all by yourself and to handle some blogs that follow everything for you.

The major advantage of this is that you do not have to find all kinds of loose information yourself.
Through these blogs you can just read a single review of the latest fashion trends.

Today you will read on BK Leder's blog about the latest fashion trends for the winter.
In this article I'm going to focus on the trends of winter coats so that you can walk stylishly this winter!

Which winter jackets will I have?

Because the fashion goes hand in hand while keeping warm yourself, the lined jackets are trendy.

The following 3 types of winter jackets also jump upwards this year.

1.The regular winter jackets

These are the, often cheaper, jackets that are worn every year.

It is worth mentioning that the Women's Winter Coats en men's winter coats Follow the same fashion trends.
This is not always the case when we are talking about fashion, often there is a difference between men and women's fashion.

Actually, all coats that can not be placed elsewhere in this category are all covered.
From "puffed" winter jackets to thicker overcoats, this is the "normal winter jacket" category!

2.Parka jackets

In recent years, these jackets have become so fashionable that you immediately think of it as soon as the term â € œwinter jacketsâ € is mentioned.

3.Winter jacket with fur collar

These coats became fashionable a couple of years ago and have not disappeared since then.

If you look good again, you'll see a winter jacket with a thick fur collar all over the world every year.

Winter jackets - why do you need them?

Although this is a simple question, there is some explanation to tell you why you really need a winter coat.

Perhaps you think you can wear a thick sweater with a thin coat in winter.
Unfortunately, this is not the most wise thing to do (how nice your thin coat is too!).

If you look closely at the thinner coats you will see that it is not just the thickness that distinguishes these coats of winter jackets.

It is often often that, in addition to a thin liner or even lining, the amount of rain and wind that the jacket can withstand is very limited.

A thin (summer) coat will not protect your body from the cold!

Winter jackets - cold in winter with a thin coat

And because we do not want to lie on the couch all winter with snotting nose, it's very important that you have a good winter coat.

If you do not have this one, keep the following tips in mind while searching the internet, or in the center, for a new winter coat.

What should you pay attention to when buying a winter coat?

  • The lining must be of good quality.
  • Also, a winter coat must be waterproof.
  • For the same reason that it has to be waterproof it is also important that your new coat is windproof.
  • Certainly in the Netherlands it is convenient to buy a winter jacket with hood.
  • A good closing and firm zipper so that the cold does not slip through the zipper.
  • Bags! For your stuff, but of course your hands if you get cold.
  • A collar is also nice when the wind comes around the corner. (Also a fur collar is nice to wear on your jacket as you will read below.)
  • Last but not least, a normal price.

A good winter coat that is not overpriced because of the brand name often costs between the 180 and 400 euro.

Of course, there are exceptions depending on the material used in the fabrication of the jacket.

In fact, a winter coat is the same as furniture: You can make it as crazy and expensive as you like.
Like furniture, a winter coat is something that just has to be good!

A cheaper winter jacket of 100 Euro that you need to replace every year is more expensive than a good 300 Euro Winter Winter jacket where you can spend 5!


The Parka Jackets â € "What are they and why are they suitable for the winter?

Once you've read about the Parka's on a big fashion blog, you know that these jackets have become unprecedented for a couple of years.

What sometimes can be tricky is recognizing one parka Because today many online stores sell normal winter jackets under the name "parka".

That's why I put the features of a parka in a row so you can not be fooled anymore!

How do you recognize a Parka jacket?

  • These coats always have a lined hood
  • Also, next to a hood, there should be a collar on a parka
  • Coaxial closures are also a prerequisite for wearing the name parka
  • Finally, these coats should always have closed sleeves

If one of the above points is not present with a jacket then it is not a parka.
So do not be fooled!

Another coat that looks much like the parka is the Anorak jackets.
The main difference between this is that an anorak must be attracted to your head.

How, and when, are his parka coats created?

To give you some background information about the parkas, you may want to follow a small history lesson:

Inuit with parka jacket

 © BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives â € " Photo sourceCreative Commons License

Originally, the parka is by the In out Thought so, the locals are called antarctica.

In the year 1959, the parka made its transition to Europe and the United States.
This was mainly because the Vogue this year labeled the Parka as a "Fashion item".

In the 80 years, these coats have not yet been accepted by the general public.
Only after stars like David Beckham started wearing the jacket, this trend was hit worldwide.

Also interesting is that the original name of the parka is "Amauti" and that they were designed to allow a child to be worn.

Inuit carries a child in a parka jacket v2

The intention is that they can operate at extremely low temperatures to survive the cold winters in Antarctica.

When the Inuit went out with these jackets on the kayak, most fish oil lubricated on the jacket to make it so waterproof.

Fortunately, we do not have to worry about this today.
Due to the enormous advances in technology, almost all parka coats are made waterproof in production!

Where was a parka made?

In the beginning, these coats were made of seals and caribbean hides (these are some kind of moose) but nowadays this is no longer the case.

There are still parka made of animal skins, but most are made of polyester.

It is therefore not a condition that a Parka must be made of a real animal skin to bear the name.

On which occasions do you wear these coats?

Due to the enormous popularity, there has been such a huge supply that you can find a model for almost every occasion.

This way you can wear these coats Casual occasions to wear.
But there are also nerd models to work for example.

Shopping parka jackets

Parka's Ladies Parka's Men

The famous winter jacket with fur collar

Just like the parka coats are also the Winter jacket with fur collar Have been very popular for a number of years.

That's why these characteristic jackets deserve a place in this article about winter jackets trends.

As you see the animals, fur is the perfect material to protect yourself from the cold.
It is therefore only logical that jackets are made or fitted with them.

In addition to traditional fur coats, too Lammy coats , The fur collars of both real fur and imitation fur are very popular in winter.

Not only is a fur coat good to keep yourself warm but also a popular fashion trend that returns the last 5 on 10 year every winter.

How does fur work?

As I have written above, fur naturally has an insulating function.

This is because of the many hairs that filter out the cold air before it comes to your body.

A fur collar ensures that the cold is a lot less cold when it reaches your neck.

Also generates fur heat

Due to the fact that all the hair in the fur is sitting against each other, there are times of moving friction.
This causes heat to occur during wind movements.
This also happens when you move with your own body.

Is a coat that is completely out of fur than not better?

If you really want to have a warmth, there's nothing really over here.
But because a jacket of 100% fur is very expensive, most people do not want to spend so much money here.

Because of the price of fur, a jacket with a fur collar is slightly more expensive than a coat without fur.

But of course, that does not mean they are not hot!

Nowadays, winter jackets with a fur collar are made in such a good way that you can also wear it in these coats.

But we do not want it alone Have warmth And also the current fashion trends follow?
Then it's great when there's a thick coat on your coat!

Warm, functional and fashionable?

Exactly, better, almost impossible!

It's not always that fashion is actually good for your body.
Like the trend that lasted for some years, the ladies wear short skirts at -5 Degrees!

Fortunately, we do not have to worry about the winter jacket with fur collars!

So what did you learn about the fashion trends of this winter?

If you want to walk fashionably in winter and at the same time Want to warm There is only 1 thing:
Then choose a good winter coat!

If you are in doubt about the type of jacket you can wear in winter, this article is a good start.
If you want to know more, you can always visit Google to visit another great fashion blog to get more information!

Of course, I also know that there are still more types of winter coats that can keep you warm in winter.
Here I may also be writing in the future if they get into fashion.

I hope I've written enough to help you keep it cold this winter!

Do you think there is information missing in my article?
Notify via the comments at the bottom of this message.

With your help, I can make this article "even better and more complete"!

Of course, you can also share this article with your friends or family through "social media".
You can click on the buttons that appear at the top and bottom of this message.

Success in finding the perfect coat for winter!

Have fun with winter jackets shopping and ordering.jpg!

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