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Leather jackets fashion - Time for leather jackets this year!

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Posted: 05-05-2017 at 15: 16

Leather jackets fashion - Time for leather jackets this year!
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We have a number of articles written about.
Because leather jackets fashion trends continue to increase this year, we still want to say.

The leather jackets fashion this year is quite "hot"!

That's why we just write an article😃.

Due to the increasing orders on our website, we can compare how much the leather jackets are in fashion. The sales I do not lie Almere our store.

And we notice that not only genuine leather jackets but also imitation leather jackets, Men biker jacket en Ladies Biker Jacket very popular at this time.

Of course this is for us the perfect opportunity to some of ourtop models to show you!

Some best selling leather men's jackets


Some best selling women's leather jackets


As we plan this message even wrote not only the coats of genuine leather in fashion but also art leather jackets are very popular this year.

See therefore also our leatherette jackets

What is the biggest difference between real leather and artificial leather?

While learning occurs in many different forms we have in this article really, unsplit, leather not treated further outside the normal processes such as the tanning process.

Genuine leather is originally very strong and durable.
When the good maintain is it can even last a lifetime.

Artificial leather (also called PU leather) is split leather that is transferred with a polyurethane coating.
This word much used for some Learning cheaper art clothing and furniture.

It has a nice appearance, but is not as strong and durable as leather.

A coat of faux leather is made for fun "with it" but if you want to do for years with a jacket it is still advisable to buy a real leather jacket.

Make sure you coat the injection well after purchase, so you make sure you do not get unsightly discoloration of raindrops and the sun.

You can also damage on genuine leather easily remedied with a lederwax.
Note that you buy the right color and are testing it first on a small surface falcon which is not immediately catches the eye.

Would you after reading this article still look pictures?

Check out these cool pictures of the latest fashion leather jackets

View a slideshow with this cool leather jackets

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