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Pall Mall Jackets, see our collection

Especially for you we have the most popular PME Legend coats included in our collectie.Dus you are looking for a Pall Mall Jas? Check out our quick Pall Mall jacket collection

Pall Mall on our coats

As 25 years to learn Pall Mall jackets recognized by their typical character.

Especially the Pall Mall Leather Bomber Jacket is one of the most popular models.

The coats of Pall Mall were originally created for piloten.Omdat the pilots operate various weather conditions they want a jacket made of high quality and comfortable fit.

The leather Pall Mall are made of 100% genuine buffalo leather and, if properly maintained, they are built to last for a lifetime.

Buffalo leather is an extremely strong type of leather that is perfectly suited for a rough, masculine behandeling.Pall Mall Legend coats are made to weerstaan.Zelfs the most extreme weather conditions a strong headwind or an icy storm Child with the quality that Pall Mall manufactures their coats .

PME Legend jackets are made only the very best and strongest materials.
The look of the jackets are based on the air, there Pall Mall also finds its origin.

The American buffalo, or bison, is one of the strongest native animals on the continent, but how to compare the teachings of a buffalo with those of the domestic cow?

Buffalo Leather is usually tanned using traditional methods, the so-called "brain tanning," which is an ancient method used by Indians and several other Indian tribes like.

To read more about Buffelo learning to other ice types doctrine?Read this article learn about Buffelo US bovine Leather

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