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leather ladies jacketLadies Leather Jackets

At BK Leder you will find the most beautiful ladies leather jackets!
We have various models of 100% genuine leather in our range.

With a leather ladies coat add extra style to your everyday outfit.

Leather is a fantastic material with a special look and also very nice to wear. Order your new leather jacket today!

Besides our leather jackets ladies kan je ook bij ons terecht voor een biker jacket ladies or a cheap biker jacket ladies van kunst leer

Walk stylish with one of our ladies leather jackets

A leather ladies coat today is not to imagine the fashion image Want a leather jacket to make tough to look or just stylish, it can be both! Initially leather was worn as protective clothing by motorcyclists and soldiers, pilots also often wore beautiful leather jackets but today the leather ladies jacket has become a true fashion icon

With beautiful leather women's jacket add something extra to your existing clothing.

Today there are many different types, sizes and colors are available, allowing you to create endless clothing styles. Both winter and summer rays real leather jackets style uit.Leren ladies jackets have all year. But of course the leather ladies coat differs in summer or winter indeed. Naturally, the summer-variant a thinner piece.

please contact us for either a leather ladies winter coat and a leather ladies summer coat.

In a leather jacket is often that the longer and more often you wear it, the more it like a second skin, so handle with care!

Fortunately, you can just order another size within the mentioned return time!

On the website of Clothing sizes You can also check the size of the size for ladies to better estimate your own size!

Genuine leather jackets for ladies sit as cast!

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons to buy a leather jacket.

When you order your new jacket, it may be that in some places it is not very nice or feeling stiff.

Do not fear!

The beautiful thing about leather is that it will eventually turn into your body over time.

The places where your new leather jacket is tight becomes loose and in the places where it is loose it becomes tighter.

In general, a real leather jacket can stretch approximately 1 size. Of course we do not have the whole jacket but, as you have just read, only about the places where the jacket is too tight.

In the summer and against the cold

For both summer and winter there are different types of leather jackets.

The way in which the leather is worked is also different from the season the jacket is intended for.

For example, summer jackets are thinner than winter coats.
Also the liner is (happily!) Different.

Especially in winter, wearing real leather can make a big difference.

It is a fact that leather insulates very well and keeps the cold, fine wind well.

But of course, it also works the other way: because of that excellent insulation, a leather jacket also ensures that the heat of your body does not just escape!

Fortunately not only functional but also fashionable!

So you do not have to worry about it!
Because besides the fact that a leather jacket has many functional features, it is also in fashion.

Although these jackets have been popular for years, there is no indication that they will disappear soon.

Fortunately, however, because a real leather jacket is, sometimes, a decent investment!

It's therefore good that you can be sure that you can pull it back next year so that you are accused of failing to keep current fashion trends.

How can leather jackets stay in fashion for the time being?

Because it is impossible to give you a reason with 100% security, I will tell which I think these jackets will stay fashionable now and in the future.

Reason 1.

Because leather coats are not the cheapest, I think this is a reason why these coats have not disappeared from the stage after one year.

A lot of fashion trends are devised by the designers in Paris and Italy but fortunately not everything.

People also determine for some what the trends are and are going to be.

When you look carefully with a nice coat, and you pay a lot of money here, you do not want to wear it again after a few hours.

Therefore, I think, even when the Italian or French fashion scene, it does not say everyone stores their jacket!

Reason 2.

Even though I have already mentioned it, I would like to make it clear:

A real leather jacket stands for quality!

Because living material is used, a whole process is needed to make it suitable for clothing, or in this case jackets.

Just like a piece of wood that keeps breathing, learning this also.
For this reason, the coats form into your body.

And because the coats are made of animal skin, they also have the same property as the animals used it: namely, cooling, heating and protective!

Reason 3.

Leather coats are good to combine with almost every outfit!

Due to the fact that these coats have been on display for so many years, there is a great diversity of models and colors.

Whether it's a casual outfit or a chic look, you've got a leather jacket!

Over the years, the models have interspersed each other, but many of them are still wearing the earlier models.

But what about colors?

As I have already told the 3e reason, because these jackets have been in fashion for so long, there is a lot of choice.

Colors are also available!

Whether you like a basic color like brown or black or rather a separate color like green or light gray, it's all!

We also included different colors in our collection at BK Leder.

In addition, there is a great diversity between our leather ladies coats as regards the models.

Outside the latest fashion jackets you will also find some older models in our webshop (not 2e hands of course!).

Some models, because they are bought very much, have been in our collection for a number of years. You could almost say there is a chance that you can even find a vintage leather jacket in our assortment!

You will also find short and long leather jackets with us so we can help you to order a jacket that suits your outfit best.

Not just a webshop!

Because we also know that a picture is not always enough, and you may want some security before you pay a few hundred euros over the internet, I want to let you know that we also have a physical store!

In the center of Almere we have a beautiful and big branch where you can dress all the leather jackets we have in stock.

If we do not have a jacket in stock, we can always order them, almost always, or even tailor them!

Even so, besides leather coats, we also have a very large range Ladies jackets with fur collars en Women's Winter Coats.

So even if you're still wondering if you're fit for a leather jacket, just go to the store and watch our range of jackets!

Keep your new ladies coat beautiful!

To ensure that your leather ladies jacket remains beautiful for a long time, we have listed some tips to keep your leather jacket for when you can do here very long with a leather ladies coat good maintenance.

  • Spray after buying a leather jacket a coat well with water and dirt repellent spray specifically for teaching and repeat regularly.
  • Hang your coat hanger to keep fit.
  • If your leather ladies coat gets wet, let it dry at room temperature, so do not hang it on a radiator or in the sun!
  • Opgedroogde druppels en andere lichte vlekken kunt u met een fijne zachte borstel, ledersponsje of droogschuim van lederzeep behandelen. Ook verdwijnen kleine vlekken vaak door het leer van het kledingstuk tegen elkaar te wrijven.
  • Spray after the wet and removing the dried raindrops back in your coat.
  • Remove Stains never treat with caustic solvents such as petrol or acetone!
  • Stiffened leather is supple by treating the leather spray.
  • Fat edges can also light spots be removed carefully with a suede stone barn (be careful not to damage your coat).
  • If you leave clean your coat let it do that when dry which specializes in leather.

How do you measure your own size in order the ensure that your leather ladies jacket fits like a glove?

Bekijk de onderstaande video met uitleg over het opmeten van uw maten voordat u uw leren jas koopt.

In the video above, you'll see that the most important thing is to change a leather jacket.

This way you can judge whether the jacket is comfortable and the size is good.

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