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Women buy bomber jacket and OrderLadies Bomber Jacket

This year the Bomber Jackets for men back in fashion!
That is why we have expanded our range bomber jackets for women.

With us you will find a wide range of "normal" level bomber jackets and bomber jackets with patches for women.

Check out our women's collection, and if you have questions can at all times contact our store in Almere for more information

The history of the Bomber Jacket for women

It's amazing to think about how strong fashion is influenced by clothing and functional clothing. Most garments are often not created as "trendy" but are now displayed much in the fashion world as "fashionable" as the Ladies bomber jacket.

This classic silhouette is instantly recognizable and has made its way to many wardrobes for women found to carry this bomber jacket as pure icon.

While the bomber jacket used to be a heavy-duty aviation garment, it has now become a tough clothing for women where you rebellious side it can come on up.

The origin of the bomber jacket goes all the way back to World War II.

How the ladies bomber jacket has made the transition from functional to fashion?

Quite frankly here is not really a reason to do ..
The fashion industry has decided for the ladies that the bomber jacket just looks very tough, and in today's society, we naturally leave no opportunities to show our rebellious nature.

Besides the traditional bomber jacket with orange inside when you can us some "less traditional" bomber jackets.

For the Women's bomber jackets with patches We have even set up a special category.

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