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jackets with fur collar

Jackets with fur collar

Do you feel so cold?

Check out our winter jacket with fur collars!

Because for yourself, who does not want a nice warm coat with a nice fat? fur collar.

Winter jackets with fur collars remain in fashion

With one of our jackets with fur collar, keep yourself warm this winter.

Who would not want that!

Nevertheless, it appears that the perfect winter jacket can be picked up sometimes is difficult.
Due to the wide range, you often do not see the forest through the trees, especially if you want a nice fur collar.

On our website you will find a large assortment of winter jackets with fur collars to be able to order "that one perfect coat" online.

This way you get to the right page right away!

Simply navigate through the 4 blocks below to the right category and start shopping in our range of jackets with fur collars.

The search for a winter coat with fur collar

Just over a century ago our ancestors came up with the idea of ​​equipping their coats with fur.
This allowed them to stay much better than with a "normal" coat.

The people who lived in very cold conditions carried a coat of fur also a big fur collar on the hood.

The reason why this is simple is: Fur will keep you warm!

A true fashion trend

Although the world has changed enormously in the last century, the fur coat and winter jacket with fur collars are still popular.

Looking around you during the winter will show you that the winter coat with fur collar is worn by many people.
Not only does the collar keep your neck warm but he is also good!

Real fur or imitation fur?

At BK Leather you will find both coats with a real fur collar and coats with imitation fur collar.
Whatever you wear this winter is often your own personal choice.

It may be that you choose to wear real or fake fur for your own reasons.
Also, because of the price, you may prefer a jacket with a collar of collar.

Often a faux fur collar is a little cheaper, which means that you can also become a proud owner of a winter coat with fur collars for a slightly lower price.

Also your personal taste can make the decision whether you choose real fur (or not).
A true fur collar looks like something different can be an imitation fur collar.

Are you looking for a cheap jacket with fur collar?

Then choose a winter coat with a collar of imitation fur.

But if you are looking for real fur then choose a winter coat with a collar of real fur.

We also have a collection for the ladies Italiaanse winterjassen met bontkraag of the brand Milan Ferronetti Should you be specifically looking for this?

Keep yourself warm with our winter jackets with fur collar!

What matters is the following:
Would you like to have a warmth this winter? Then choose our warm winter jackets with fur collars!

Whether you're looking for a winter coat with real fur collar or a cheap winter coat with imitation fur collar, you'll find it at BK Leder!

In addition, you will find winter jacket with fur collar throughout the Sale!

Maybe there's that one coat between what you're looking for.

To make it easier for you, we split our jackets into 3 categories:

, Men en

You can go to this by clicking on the links above or using one of our buttons at the top of this page.

Good luck with finding out the fur collar that suits you best!

Winter jacket with fur collar

If you want to read more information about "how does the animal keep warm" you can read the English article below.
This explains what the natural insulation effect of fur is.

See: Fur and Feathers Keep Animals Warm

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