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Our Parka Jackets

Because parka coats are again popular each year we have set up a special category for our parkas.

How do you recognize a parka jacket?

A parka jacket always has a lined hood, buttons around the zipper, sealed sleeves and a collar.

When looking for these qualities in your winter jacket you are well in our Parka jackets category!

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The Parka jacket

It is worth mentioning, even though the fashion changes every year, Parka jackets will always keep coming back.

Why are parka coats so popular?

Have you had a good Parka jacket?
Then you may not have to ask for this.

You know no other that the parka jackets keep you warm warm in winter!

One of the most recognizable features of a parka jacket is the lined hood.

Without this warm hood, it's no Parka!

Also the sealed sleeves and buttons around the zipper are the features of Parka's.

Much confusion

Because the term "Parka" is widely used, it seems that some shopkeepers are no longer well aware of the difference between a Parka and a Normal Winter Coat.

But as you have already read, there is a real difference.

Hieronder zie je de verschillende punten die een jas Moet Have to be called a parka jacket:

  • A lined hood
  • Closed sleeves
  • Buttons over the zipper

In addition, most parkas also have a fur collar.

Often this fur collar is really furious, but you also come with parka jackets with artificial fur.

Order your new Parka jacket online at BK Leder!

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