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No more hot with the summer dresses of BK Leather!

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Posted: 26-05-2017 at 14: 17

Summer dresses at bk leather
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Are you looking for a way to cool yourself this summer?

That is convenient!
Through our website you order nice, and most importantly, Airy summer dresses.

This year there are no rules for summer dresses

Due to current fashion trends, you can not think so badly or allowed.

Long dresses or short, crazy prints and skinny colors, without sleeves or pockets.
You can not think so much about them or they are in fashion this year!

In case you are missing inspiration, we have put a few dresses on the table below for you.

Sunny printed

A V-neck draws attention to your beautiful chest and neckline. Do so! Because of the creepy edge and sparkling print, these dresses are a sunny eye-catcher.

You do not need more to shine!

Trendy tencel

Wear a dress that goes subtly in an A line. This will cover the buttocks and make your hips less wide. The ruffles at the neckline provide an optically slimmer look.

Colorfully striped

Stripes are also fashionable in the summer.

Fashionable pattern

By choosing a colorful dress with a feminine fit, you emphasize your best points and get a powerful look.

Summer zigzag

Did you know that these covered tones are beautiful in the summer? Bordeaux, black and eggplant are tones we associate with the fall.

But this year they are also allowed in the summer!

Order nice summer dresses CTA

With the summer in sight you are not the only one looking for a nice cool dress

So be quick!

Because the prints are very good, it's a nice one Summer dress with flowers Maybe something for you?

But of course we have more

A Neat dress For example in the evening?

Or would you prefer one skinny jeans right away Cool shirt?

At BK Leder you will find it all!

The most important thing is of course that you buy the perfect dress.
And for that you have to shop!

If you prefer to take a moment, you can of course!
Join us in our shop in Almere for a good session Fashion therapy!

Fashion model? Also the color is important!

Choose the dress in a color that fits your color. This is half the success of a good dress.

Which dress length you choose depends on whether you want to emphasize your legs and in what setting you wear the dress.

At work, it is recommended in the summer to choose a dress just above or on the knee.
This is of course not always the case, because today there are a lot of hope Casual workplaces Joined!

If you want to look longer, you can also choose to show more leg by choosing a shorter model!

In addition, it is important to take into account your Figure

This determines whether or not a particular dress is so good.

Perhaps you already know what kind of figure you have, but if you do not know yet, read from the following figure types to "Even better"The prefects summer dress can be chosen!

Apart from the different types of figures, you will also find an explanation to help you even better!

Form figure

Right figure:
If you do not have specific wide hips or a wide bust.
Go with a straight figure for assymetric dresses and dresses with print.

Peer figure:
When your hips are the widest part of your body.
Dresses with a boot neckline are good, especially focus on the bust. A dress with two colors, with the underside dark, is also good.

Heart-shaped figure:
When you bust is the widest part of your body.
Dresses with an A-line can carry you well. Dresses with a skater skirt (a skirt that goes wide) will be good for you. Pay particular attention to the hips and less on the bust.

Hourglass figure:
When both the hips and the bust are wider than the waist.
The attached bodycon dresses are women wearing an hourglass figure very well. These accentuate the right points of the body for you. For neckline you can choose a v-neck.

Apple figure:
When the waist is the widest part of your body.
With an apple figure you can choose well dresses with an a-line or high waist. Even when you combine a dress with a jacket, you will see that this is good for you. Off-shoulder dresses are good!

So there is more than enough to think about!

So when you really look for that "one" perfect summer dress you have enough to think about.

It's because the dress does not look nice on the hanger anyway?

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you review the tips we've put here for you to take a good look before shopping.

If you come to the conclusion that one of the summer dresses on our website fits you well we will be happy to see you again!

But of course we are not the only ones to sell nice dresses.
So has Jolamode also nice summer dresses for ladies.

And if you have not read enough, you can always go to Wikipedia to learn more about it Different types of dresses.


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