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Typical Dutch weather - what to wear jacket?

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Posted: 18-05-2017 at 13: 13

what jacket you wear the typical Dutch weather
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Spring and fall are seasons of confusion

Due to the changing weather here in the Netherlands you may be confused.
It is therefore not easy to determine which jacket you will attract this day.

This way you can see a beautiful blue sky in the morning and think it will be nice again.
But on your way to work or school you will get a big breeze!

The question is thus: Which jacket do you wear today?

On this question I will try to provide an answer in this article.

Of course, with a view to the Current summer trends of this year.

In between, you will also find a product that you can order directly from our website.
After all, we sell through our online store mainly Men's coats en Ladies coats

Which species summer Jackets Are there actually?

Because choosing the right jacket for the current season is of course important that you know what you can choose from.

So I have a brief overview of the different types of coats:

  • Straight smooth coats
  • Thin Camouflage Jackets
  • Biker Jackets
  • Leather jackets
  • Suede jackets
  • Bomber Jackets
  • Trendcoat
  • Blazers
  • Summer jackets with a fur collar
  • colbert
  • Duffel
  • Hunter jacket
  • Wind checker
  • Jumps
  • Lacquer coat
  • mantle
  • overcoat
  • Raincoat, raincoat
  • Slipjack, pajamasjack

This is just a small selection of the most popular types of coats where almost everyone has heard of it.

The Bikerjack

This model is high in the list for a reason.
Because the Bikerjack is extremely popular this year.

Even so popular that you are at BK Leather next to the regular sizes as well Extra large sizes of bikerjacks can be ordered!

But one of the most notable features of the Bikerjack is the oblique zipper.

This is designed by Irving Schott in 1928 (you're reading it! The first biker jacket has already been created in the 20) to keep the wind on the engine better.

But today, this jacket is also carried out by the youth by the "motor riders".


Because he's just looking tough, of course!

Smooth coats, For if you do not want to make it crazy

Now, of course, not everyone wants to notice anyone with a rare zipper or separate print.

We have also figured out something!

Namely just Simple plain jackets.

Because combining the right jacket with your outfit radiates your style.
With a smooth jacket, make sure your jacket does not dominate.

Which jacket you are looking for, we have it!



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