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3 fashion trends you encounter this summer

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Posted: 12-06-2017 at 10: 49

3 fashion trends you encounter this summer
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We've written some articles about fashion trends, but we're still not talking about it.

What are the fashion trends going to do this summer?

The summer is really coming true.
When you take a good look, you will find some trends we are writing about here and there.

Beach Seaside Stripes and motifsBeach motifs

As we already mentioned in our article about the Summer jacket trends of 2017 Have written stripes, prints and motifs this year.

For example, several websites, such as Indian Express, are written about the beach look.

In particular, the "beach stripes" will be printed on many Summer gowns come forward.

It is a look you may already know of beach umbrellas and beach chairs.


Oversized bagsOversized bags, how big the better

The bigger the bag the better, that's the standard this summer.

If you think about it, this is actually a very useful trend.
This way you can easily take all your stuff without notice!

Looking at trends of previous years you can see that the handbags are getting smaller.
How much this also was beautiful is not very practical.

Fortunately, you can get a breath of breath this year as it is allowed to bring a big bag with all your stuff and still be fashionable!


Flatforms for if you're not a fan of heels

Ladies who are fond of being informed but not a fan of heels can get a relieved breath.

This summer the Flatform shoes become the next big thing!

Huh !? Flatforms

Flatform shoes are high-heeled shoes.
That's how you're a bit longer only than without a heel.

This summer is all possible; From straps to slippers and stylish to casual.

The footwear offers many opportunities this year and the possibilities are endless!


Source: Indian express

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