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What do you do when cold in winter? Read our tips!

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Posted: 18-08-2017 at 14: 44

What do you do when cold in winter? Read our tips!
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If you have cold in winter, that's not a nice feeling, at least I've never heard anyone say "goh, how are those chills on my body?"

Because a large part of our product range in our webshop is aimed at the winter, I find that an article about "what you can do when you're cold" is a good fit.

If you have enough cold chills and chicken skin in winter, you have come to the right place! Today you will read some tips that will keep you warm.

What tips are you going to read here?

To explain this in advance, I have a brief summary of the tips that I am going to discuss in this article.

So if you are looking for a specific topic, you can see whether or not it is treated right here, so you do not have to waste your time if it does not matter.

Of course, you can always post a comment with the request if I can add the subject you are looking for to this article!

Article Content:

  • How do you dress yourself warmly?
  • What are the characteristics of a good winter coat?
  • Keep your body patty up to date with the right nutrition.
  • Keep warm by exercising.
  • What should not you do right?

Let's start!

How do you dress yourself warmly?

One of the most important things you need to do to keep it warm in winter is to dress yourself well. This prevents unnecessary cold or flu.

Extending an extra thick sweater is another way of dressing that might be much more effective.

Namely, clothes lay over each other!

Warm clothes in layers

In fact, it is a matter of penetrating cold air into the dust.

By pulling a pair of thin layers of clothing over each other, you will avoid this.

Each layer works like a kind of filter.
This filter works on 2 edges.

Your body warms the air that is between each layer.
So if you slip in from outside of cold air between your clothes, this air is a lot warmer when it reaches your body!

This actually works the same as a wetsuit that has divers and surfers.
The only difference is that in a wet suit the water is heated by your body and between the layers of clothing the cold air.

If it's very cold outside, you could do the following:

As 1th Low: a thermo shirt or shirt
And if 2e Low: a normal shirt
With it as 3e Low: a sweater

And finally: last layer one Thick warm coat.

When you draw the above layers, your upper body should keep the even -10 degrees warm!

To get you over the last layer, the warm coat, some more information we have arrived at the next point.

What are the characteristics of a good winter coat?

How to choose a good winter jacket 2As you already know, there is a big difference between the type of jackets that are available in winter.
For example, all winter jackets are not really hot.

This is due to the great difference in quality between different winter coats.
Often this difference arises when trying to keep the price low.

There is a saving on the materials and the filling of the coats which, unfortunately, cause these coats to be a lot less hot.

It is therefore important that you carefully watch the material of your new winter coat.
The following tips apply to both Women's Winter Coats as men's winter coats.

Tip 1.

The first tip I want to give you is about wind and waterproofness of the jacket.

Especially in cold weather, it's very important that you make sure your body does not get wet.
If this happens, I can assure you that you will get very cold!

It is self-evident that you can cool down within a few hours when your body or clothing is wet. On the other hand, you get less cold under cold dryness.

In short; It's very important that your jacket makes sure you do not get wet!

Tip 2.

As 2e I really want to say that you have to choose a jacket made of high quality materials.

Not all types of substances insulate as well and therefore I have a few substances that look good.

Cotton with polyester:
Cotton is not suitable for winter clothing.
When cotton is blended in combination with polyester, this is no longer the case.

This combination, when combined, is water repellent!

And as you read at the first tip, this is one of the most important features of a winter coat!

Polyester is also a suitable fabric for the outer layer of a winter coat without cotton.

The water repellent property is therefore the most important feature of this substance.
For this reason it is often combined with other substances that do not have this property!

This material knows most of us.

Leather insulates well and is almost always water repellent.
This is also a good kind of material for a winter coat.

Please note that this is not suitable for all types of coats because because leather insures so well, it can also be "too hot" when you go skiing for example!

Although this material is not water-repellent itself, it is often used for winter coats.

Fur is cold, you're hot!

It is self-sufficient that this material may be of vital importance in extremely cold conditions.

Due to the advantages of fur, most fur coat and outfit are factory-made to waterproof.

If this is not the case, you can find multiple products online that can handle your fur coat so that it can also be in the rain.

Tip 3.

What I also recommend is to look at a winter jacket with elasticated sleeves.
This small detail prevents the cold air from slipping through your arms!

An elastic around the waistline is also very nice when you choose to buy a short winter coat.
When the winter coat goes over the hips, this is often not necessary anymore.

Tip 4.

This last tip is a bonus tip.

It does not make a world of difference but it really helps to choose a jacket that has a flap over the zipper.

In fact, it is possible to slip in between the zipper through cold air and rain.

If you are busy then please check the flaps on the bags, so make sure your items are also dry!

Bonus Tip - Join the current fashion!

Also read our article on the latest Winter jackets trends.
If you have a new winter coat why not the one that fits the current fashion!

Keep your body patty up to date with the right nutrition.

Winter foodEven by eating the right diet you can help your body to stay warm.
Although men are often less cold than women, they can help both sexes to eat some warm winter food.

Nutrition can be subdivided into the following 3 categories:

  • Cooling foods
  • Neutral foods
  • And heating food

It is therefore in winter to reduce the amount of cooling nutrition and to give warm food more attention.

I have found the following table of heating foods on the website of Acupuncture Rotterdam:

FruitVegetablesCereals, Seeds and LegumesMeat, Seafood & DairySpices & Drinks
Coconut milk
Coconut meat (not the young one
Coconut meat)
Mandarin peel (dried)
Goji berries
Chinese Red Dates
Hawthorn Fruit
Kai Choi
Roasted peanut / nuts
Pine nuts
Goat milk
Brown sugar
chili pepper
Fennel seed


When you search for recipes with one or more of the above foods, you're welcome to feed yourself with some extra warmth!

Keep warm by exercising.

First of all, a warning!
If you are going to practice in winter read first These 5 tips on sports in the cold.
Although it is very good to go to sport Moet Make sure you do this safely!

Having said that, too, you keep warm in winter!
But being "hot" is not the only benefit you have to offer in winter.

Why help sports out of the cold?

Run sports in winterIf you can get yourself yourself in winter, do it well!
Through the movement you heat your body so you do not have it cold anymore.

Even after sporting, a part of "warming" is present.
This is because you improve blood circulation in your body!

If you are actively trying to do more and more often, an improved circulation of your blood is a lasting effect. Even if you are not exercising, your blood can flow better through your body and, therefore, you are less cold!

The well-known winter depression is less due to sports!

This is also a very nice side effect of being active in winter!

The reason that many people suffer from a winter dip is due to the lack of vitamin D.
Because the days are shorter and, most of them, less out of date, that is the most common cause.

If you choose to go outside, you will also catch some extra vitamin D in winter as your temper will get too good.

In addition, your brain also makes a different substance during sports, namely Endorfine.
This is the "feel good" substance which, in turn, also contributes to reducing your winter dip!

You get sick even less if you move more in winter!

Besides the fact that sports increase your blood circulation and mood, it even makes you sicker less quickly.

This is because you increase your own resistance when exercising a number of times a week.

You also get a lot more energy.
This is of course always taken beautifully!

Caution: Warning!
If you are going to practice in winter read first These 5 tips on sports in the cold.
Although it is very good to go to sport Moet Make sure you do this safely!

What should not you do right?

First, it's not helpful to apply the tips you just read!
I have written this article correctly to help you keep it cold in winter!

Also, under "Keeping your body temperament on the right diet", read that there are certain foods that help your body keep warm. Take advantage of this!

If you want to go further in the field of nutrition, you can eat the cooling foods less in winter. A good article to read about which food is cooling is the article about Cooling food for the summer On the blog of Missnatural.nl.

Sleep enough

It is also important that you sleep well in winter.
When your body is tired, it's a lot more effort to keep your own temper.

So beware of this!

Reduce alcohol use!

Lastly, I would like to tip you as a tip of alcohol in winter.
Despite the many stories you hear about "a big slog against the cold" this is really not true!

When you take too much alcohol to you side it even has the opposite effect and are dangerous.

If you want to know more about this, read the following article Alcohol against the cold.

Thank you for reading my article and having a warm winter!

If you have some time left, I would love to share this article via social media or comment with your thoughts about what you read above.

Via the buttons at the top and bottom of this message you can easily share through the most popular social media platforms.

Hope to see you again!

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